TIGP of the week

Again, inspired by Brené Brown’s formula. For this week:

Trusting: That everything will get done. I’m feeling a little frantic, but I have to trust that what needs to get done will get done, and what doesn’t, well, it’ll have to be ok.

Inspired by: My boyfriend (awwwww). I know he doesn’t love his day job. It has a lot of early mornings, which is rough for a guy who could sleep until noon if given the chance. It’s a lot of physical labor and not always a lot of intellectual challenge. But I never hear him complain about it. If he has anything to say about it, it’s usually a funny anecdote or passing on thanks if I’ve sent him a referral.

Grateful for: The boyfriend’s family who has adopted me as their own. I was really anxious about spending Christmas with them, but they couldn’t have been kinder or more welcoming. One of them told me that I am family and that they “adore” me. This really is an unexpected blessing.

Practicing Faith: My friend and I have been doing weekly prayer partnering. It’s just an email on Tuesday or Wednesday to check in and see how we’re doing and specific prayer requests.


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