Mentoring and some shameless horn tooting

I really want to strive to make this blog not about me, but instead on religious musings that I pray would be a blessing to those who read them.

Buuuut, making an exception here.

Through blogging about faith, I’ve met other faith bloggers. Sometimes we work on studies together with each of us taking a section to analyze and share. One of these collections has been published and is now available on amazon. It’s informal, written by a community of lay folks just trying to make sense of Holy texts as best we can. We used an online space to have a conversation, and are now sharing it with you.

This study is on Philippians, and my section proved more personal than I expected. When I was confirmed the first time (another story), I worked with a faith mentor. Donita did so much for my faith, and my oh-so-shy 7th grade self.  Our confirmation focus was on the book of Luke, but Donita and I also went through Philippians because it is one of her favorite books. I struggle with Paul, but studying him under her guidance made me more open to what he says.

Donita and many other wonderful people have shaped my faith life in the years since. In part because of these experiences, I’ve devoted a lot of energy toward supporting faith mentoring–particularly for youth. I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of Christians to support each other. As you may have noticed, I treasure the faith experiences I have with young people. I hope and pray that their faith lives would be challenged, strengthened, and grow within a supportive community. So it seemed fitting that my section of this Philippians study seemed to me to be about how Paul mentors the growing church. Through this writing experience, I also found a community and was mentored in my own faith by other Christians throughout the U.S.

I assure you that none of us are exactly making money off this. So, if you’re feeling so inclined, think about checking it out.

Prayers for your community and faith development in this “ordinary” time week.


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