Last (?) NYG post

Soo…sorry for posting overload today! I didn’t have internet for a few days, and see what happens?? Crazytown, that’s what.

I feel like I really cheated all of you by not including videos from the national gathering last time. So here are a few!

Rachel Kurtz Hallelujah

I first saw Rachel at synod assembly last year. Amazing, amazing woman. If this song doesn’t stir you in some way, well, I don’t know what to say.

Nobel Prize Laureate speaker

My confession is that I have very very little patience for motivational speakers. This one puts all to shame and could–and did–convince even skeptical me!

Summary of the event

This is the kind of thing I wish someone had shown me before I had gone. Seems to sum up the energy, spirit, and absolute delightful insanity. And, as a bonus, my teenage godchild made it! Not that I’m biased or anything….


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