Farewell, friend

I’ve had fun with this little blog. I’ve learned, it’s challenged me, and I’ve had a good time. But I’m realizing that I need a community of writers to keep me going, and that I’m losing focus here. That said, I’m not ready to quit blogging 🙂 I’ve been part of the Soul Munchies community … Continue reading

Need for church?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how young people are leaving their church. NPR published a story that features interviews with those who have left their faith–and not just the church. Their voices and faces make it more “real” than statistics and theory. This issue is personal for me. I met my boyfriend … Continue reading


Pie for breakfast (well, pie in general, but I love the tradition of breakfast pie the next morning) Snuggles with my love Psych (the TV show). Cracks me up everytime

2012 Recap

Inspired by my friend Crystal, I’ve put my 2012 book list here, and my brief thoughts on them. As many of you know, I tend to (like my academic parents) fixate on a topic and read as much as I can on it. This year seems to reflect that more than others. We’ll see what … Continue reading

Best of 2012

I’ve stolen and modified these prompt questions from Ann Voskamp as a 2012 recap. The best recipe you couldn’t not make again? AjĂ­ de gallina. I love Peruvian food, and spending time in Peru this summer just reinforced that. This is one of those foods that I could eat anytime. Note: I substituted dried serrano … Continue reading

TIGP of the week

Again, inspired by BrenĂ© Brown’s formula. For this week: Trusting: That everything will get done. I’m feeling a little frantic, but I have to trust that what needs to get done will get done, and what doesn’t, well, it’ll have to be ok. Inspired by: My boyfriend (awwwww). I know he doesn’t love his day … Continue reading

Brené Brown Inspiration

BrenĂ© Brown is my new academic crush. She’s probably the one that uses the least “academic speak” of any of the brainy types I follow. She has this amazing knack for balancing research with applications for day-to-day life, and explaining the “touchy feely” with a beautifully articulate honesty. One of the things that sold me … Continue reading

Called to believe: My Hazardous Faith Story

One of the unexpected perks of entering the Christian blogosphere has been finding a sense of community. The people I have met through this online world challenge me, hold me accountable, stretch me, and support me all at the same time. This post is not the easiest one for me to write, but I’m sharing … Continue reading

Mentoring and some shameless horn tooting

I really want to strive to make this blog not about me, but instead on religious musings that I pray would be a blessing to those who read them. Buuuut, making an exception here. Through blogging about faith, I’ve met other faith bloggers. Sometimes we work on studies together with each of us taking a … Continue reading

Darkness: Not understood

“The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it” John 1:5 (NIV) One of the fascinating aspects of studying a holy text written in different ancient languages is that we get lots of translations. Take John 1:5. A light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall never extinguish it (NLT) A … Continue reading